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Looking at Details (Angele Parlange in Lonny)

[Photo by Patrick Cline for Lonny.]

Down here in the South, many of us have been following the design career of Louisiana native Angele Parlange for years so I was thrilled to see her New York digs -- the pied-a-terre formerly decorated and occupied by Steven Gambrel -- in Lonny's December issue. Always one to notice obscure details, my eye went right to her bookshelves and an old copy of Out of Africa with the dust jacket design from 1937.  

[Blixen, Karen; Isak Dinesen. Out of Africa. London: Putnam (1937). First edition available through Quill & Brush.]

This, no surprise, prompted me to pull up my past post on the various covers. 

[Book image via Turrn the Page Books.] 

If you can track down an older edition that won't break the bank, it would make a lovely gift (especially wrapped up with this recycled Savannah Story Ornament). The copy I have is mid-century and not as old as Angele's but I do love the graphic apple-green cover.

Also look out for Holly Cunningham's work and Angele's collection of silver trophies scattered around the NYC place.

[Holly Cunningham's Poppy 3, casein on paper 8 x 10.]

 [Detail view, photo by the Ingalls, Domino, November 2008.]

BTW: Funny coincidence: my copy of Angele's book, "Creole Thrift," once appeared under the iconic zebra-covered "I Married Adventure."


andrew1860 said...

I love Angele Parlange. When I had a French Antique shop on Magazine Street in New Orleans she used a lot of my items for prop shots. I have been to her family home Parlange plantation and have met her nice parents.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Out of Africa would be a fantastic gift indeed. I know you cherish your copy!

Style Court said...

Oh, Andrew, how wonderful to have visited Parlange. Such a lovely place.

Style Court said...

Laura -- I do :)

little augury said...

have always loved her work and fabrics of script and calling cards.

quintessence said...

I'm with little augury - have always loved her work - off to check out the new Lonny! Even love the color of the bookcase!

Style Court said...

Gaye (LA), Stacy (Quintessence) --

I still remember the first time I saw one of her 'script' chairs in a magazine. I think you'll love her NYC apartment.