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Recycling Day

Two years ago I hung these Chinese-inspired paper cocktail lanterns from Pearl River on my tree. (Since the lanterns are attached to thin sticks, it's pretty easy to nestle them among the branches.) Last week my little nephew spotted them in a box and wanted me to use them again, so there's a good chance I'll end up adding them.  If you have very few ornaments or are looking for something lightweight, the cocktail umbrellas are fun and economical. Lynn von Kersting, owner of Indigo Seas, has used similar paper parasols on the big tree in her oft-photographed, elegant-meets-cozy red room. 

[Belt Slide, Jin (1115-1234)- Yuan dynasty (1271-1368) 12th-14th century, Jade (nephrite) The Metropolitan Museum of Art.]

While the Far East is on my mind, a quick reminder: There are only a few more weeks left to see The World of Khubilai Khan: Chinese Art in the Yuan Dynasty at The Met. The exhibition, highlighted here, remains on view through January 2, 2011.

[Cup and saucer, Yuan dynasty (1271-1368) Glass; Excavated from the tomb of Wang Weixian (d. 1287) and his wife (d. 1306), Zhangxian, Gansu Province, 1972; Gansu Provincial Museum. On view in The World of Khubilai Khan: Chinese Art in the Yuan Dynasty.]

And in Massachusetts, The Emperor's Private Paradise continues at PEM through January 9, 2011 but travels to The Met, opening February 1. Click here for details.

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