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Workday Magic

[Balloons (Midtown, Manhattan) by Youngna Park.]

From mundane to magical: With her appreciation for small, usually fleeting moments, and her understanding of light, photographer Youngna Park makes balloons floating in a nondescript office pause-worthy. This enchanted shot happens to be from a series that deals with the interplay between nature and man-made structures, specifically objects contained by windows, fences, buildings and so forth. In her artist statement she says, "I try to capture the layers, texture and lines of these often inadvertently beautiful meetings."

[Cover photo by Melanie Acevedo.]

When I recieved the message that budget-friendly editions of Balloons (Midtown, Manhattan) are now available over at 20 x 200, I had just begun re-reading Los Angeles-based designer Mary McDonald's debut book.  While Mary does write about visually stimulating offices (polar opposites of sterile cubicles and conference rooms), I was actually focused on her lines about inspiration. She describes her personal reservoir of ideas as coming from many sources:

. . .  fashion, textiles, period clothing, old fonts, drips of water, peaks in whipped cream, old gold bullion, buttons, teacups, machinery parts, grasshoppers, lizards, animal furs, jewelry, rocks, minerals, leaves, flowers, the grain on an old piece of wood, the ridges on shells, black sand, bright plastic cups, Lucite, baby vegetables, fancy candies . . . my list is endless.

I love that grasshoppers and black sand made her list. Perhaps light-infused red and pink balloons will make yours.

(The McDonald lines are from Mary McDonald: Interiors: The Allure of Style.)



I think your inspiration list is a post waiting to happen!

Style Court said...

Linda -- I should take Mary's list and incorporate the objects/creatures into a post. Great idea! Thanks!