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Fall Projects

Ever so slowly, I'm working my way toward a row of frames resting against a wall, something vaguely similar to what Ralph Lauren senior vice president, Daniela Kamiliotis, did with her home studio arrangement.  Although, for space-saving reasons, most of mine won't be empty.  

Funny thing: back in August, I mentioned being inspired by the frames in Ralph's fall ad campaign. That was before I'd taken a really close look at the bounty of mouldings in Kamiliotis' studio as photographed by Mary Randolph Carter.  Now when I see the large empty gilded frames next to the models in the 2010 ads, I instantly think of RL's "artist-in-residence."

So, further motivated by Carter's pictures, along with the anticipation of holiday card-making projects, I decided to finally follow through with that inspiration board on which I might post thick cardstock and fabric samples sans pins. Earlier in the summer, I'd picked up a very thin, lightweight sheet of magnetic zinc-plated metal at Home Depot (these cost about $5 to $10 each, depending on the size) and, using duct tape, covered it with my last scrap of Malula linen.

The framers at Binders finished it off for me with a mellow silver moulding but since the sheet metal comes in regular sizes, a readymade "off-the-shelf" frame is another option if you want to conserve more cash. Now I just need to get around to framing the feather linocut I bought from PerlaAnne

[SCAD mascot Art the Bee and student performers lead afternoon’s celebration. Image courtesy SCAD Atlanta.]

But enough about my creative projects. Today, students at Sarah Smith Elementary were surprised by special visitors from SCAD: the university mascot, Art the Bee, and a SCAD team of volunteers carrying stacks of art supplies and books to be donated to the school. The gift brought things full circle; before founding SCAD in 1978, President Paula Wallace taught at Sarah Smith, an award-winning public school in Atlanta.

Leather swatches on board are from Moore & Giles.


Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Your blog is so recherche and beautiful, I just want to linger.
Lovely musings on DIY, such an altruistic soul.


Style Court said...

Alcira -- thank you :)