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[Detail view, framed photo of Ricky Lauren on her horse, part of a desktop tablescape in the Lauren house as pictured in Ralph Lauren.]

When the expanded Ralph Lauren store opened in Atlanta a few years ago, the first thing that caught my eye was the abundance of photography and paintings mixed together salon style on the walls.  And now, as you've probably seen, some of the iconic pictures are for sale through, framed and limited to editions of 300. Highlights include: Steve McQueen on set during the filming of The Thomas Crown Affair in 1968; Françoise Hardy on her motorbike in 1969; and Louis Armstrong performing in 1956. But my favorite timeless image isn't for sale: Ricky Lauren on her horse near the Double RL Ranch in Ridgway, Colorado.

I responded to it immediately when I spied it in a magazine years ago (thinking the 90s, Architectural Digest?).  These days when I look at the picture, I'm transported to a time when 'back to school' shopping seemed to be the only positive part of summer's end. And I remember my own fringed suede jacket -- the one I gave away in a short-sighted moment. The lesson there was that, whether it's fashion or interior design, timeless encompasses more than my obvious faves like 18th-century-style furniture and black riding boots.  

An extensive slideshow of the Double RL Ranch photographed by Gilles de Chabaneix can be seen here, and more beautiful images are included in Ricky Lauren's book, Ricky Lauren: Cuisine, Lifestyle, and Legend of the Double RL Ranch.

Update: 9:52 p.m.
Roni Jaco, owner of the textiles, art and housewares shop, The Loaded Trunk, did hang on to her authentic Ralph jacket. Smart woman. (Thanks for pulling it out of the closet Roni!)

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La Maison Fou said...

What a beautiful post. I also blogged one on Ralph this morning.
I love her red roan steed.
Just beautiful and yes, it is timeless.