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Dalí in Atlanta

[Carolina Herrera photographed by Jonathan Becker, as seen in domino, September 2006.]

Tonight I had the pleasure of previewing Dalí: The Late Work as consulting curator and Dali scholar, Elliott King, led a tour of the High's soon-to-open exhibition. When I arrived at the door, I was presented with a fake moustache and soon found myself doing a double-take on the elevator as I rode next to a classically dressed guest with a black satin evening shoe secured atop her head. She said it was an homage, sort of a visual non sequitur. It wasn't a typical museum tour, but with Dalí being the focus, I didn't expect it to be. The surprise was that, hours after soaking up the show, I began noticing the artist's influence in unexpected places. I plan to do a post about that later this week. For now, I want to quickly help spread the word about King's Saturday talk:

Opening day, August 7,  from 2 to 3 p.m., King will give a free public presentation about Salvador Dalí's legacy and his impact on 20th century art. In particular, states the High, the curator will talk about Dalí’s later style, his reinvention as a “classicist,” and his long-lasting interest in science and optical illusions.

[Shown above, the artist's iconic portrait of C.Z. Guest can be seen in this interior illustration that appeared in Southern Accents, March-April 2006. Todd A. Romano decorated the room for Guest's daughter, Cornelia. Story by Molly Pastor.]

Dalí: The Late Work will continue through January 9, 2011. Those of you who are fascinated by Dalí’s society portraits will be happy to know that I spotted roughly five or six, including one of Jack Warner with his dog. (When I got home, I flipped through my files to refresh my memory of Dalí’s portraits of Carolina Herrera's father-in-law as well as C.Z. Guest.)


Cote de Texas said...

interesting. i really want to see the movie about dali starring robert pattinson. it's supposed to be good.

I've always loved that photographed too. what a classic woman.

hope you are having a wonderful summer!!

Lindsey said...

love this! look forward to seeing more

Style Court said...

Hey Joni -- I'll have to look into that movie. Thanks.

I think you would appreciate the shell pink walls the curators chose for one of the galleries :)

And Lindsey, there's an image of his C.Z. Guest portrait here:

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

LOVE Dali, spent a lot of time in St. Pete looking at his work, can't wait to view at the HIGH, this post has been so much fun, thank you.

Jonas said...

What a wonderful shot of Herrera, she never looked better!