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Just Because

It's summer and I'm a sucker for paper lanterns, an adorable giraffe, and Kate Headley's 8mm films. Click here to enjoy Tim and Janelle's wedding. (Love Brenda and Scott too.)

[Fabric used in collage is Kelly Wearstler's.]

Back in 2007,  I did a vaguely related post, Inspired by Zarafa. Just noticed a book excerpt over at NPR.

Shopping for a baby gift? How about Sophie the Giraffe? (An all-natural teether.)

I did ask new dad and art historian Craig Hanson for a companion book selection. He had high praise for a title with a monkey, rather than a giraffe: Caps for Sale: A Tale of a Peddler, Some Monkeys, and Their Monkey Business by Esphyr Slobodkina (1940).

Hanson said, "I never actually owned this book until just recently, but the illustrations from a library copy are still so firmly imprinted in my memory, it's like I'm right back there, looking at the page as a small child. Quite by coincidence, a friend of mine (who also has an art history degree incidentally) gave me and my wife a copy of the book as a present for our daughter. Ah . . . serendipitous bliss."

For more information on the story's author and illustrator, click here.

Update 8:02 p.m.

Here's more of a tease for Brenda and Scott's lovely event at The Inn at Perry Cabin. Don't miss the still photography on Kate Headley's site. (Can't say enough good things about this perfectly understated wedding!) Beginning and intermediate amateur photographers who are drawn to Headley's style should check out her September workshop scheduled to take place at The Hive, 1511 King Street in Alexandria, Virginia.


Marisa said...

I get friends the Sophie, there is something in the rubber they use that babies love, is a huge hit!

CDS said...

I have that giraffe coming for the baby. love it.

Janet said...

Kate Headley is so talented! I feel very lucky that she will be photographing my happy day...

Ryan said...

This wedding is refreshing!

Fran said...

Caps For Sale is my son's favorite book. The illustrations are wonderful. And, this book is currently the inspiration for my son's room makeover.