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Holes in the Story

[From the left, J. Crew's Bettina cami with eyelet detail in navy plus a detail view of the Gilgarran boots at Anthropologie.]

This isn't going to be the most seamless or comprehensive blog post I've ever done. 

Recently, I was selecting some wrapping paper for a baby present and found myself drawn to the cotton sheets with actual eyelets. Maybe fall boots that lace up with tiny grommets were in the back of my mind, or maybe it was the fleeting glimpse of J. Crew's latest take on eyelet for autumn (the soft cotton, Victoriana-inspired Bettina cami). Paper Source does offer an ivory eyelet decorative paper that's extremely similar to the classic fabric.  But before I left the store, a thick stitched Indian sheet caught my eye.

This one really has to be seen in person to be appreciated.  Hopefully the shot above offers at least a hint of the raised texture that begs to be touched, as well as the configuration of threads reminiscent of boot laces.  (On the hand-cut envelope liner, I left the threads exposed for more of a raw feeling.)

[Jumbo set of waxed Irish linen thread from Pantone 334.]

[More thread from Pantone 334.]

After I lined the gift enclosure envelope and wrapped the box, it dawned on me that thread would have been a more clever alternative to ribbon.  Not enough time to change, but I did enjoy browsing the bookbinding supplies at Pantone 334.

[Detail view via the V & A.]

Searching for an antique eyelet connection, I found this 19th-century Hungarian young boy's shirt in the V & A's collection.  According to the museum, it is a plain, humble cotton that has been pierced with a sharp metal die. Wonder how the craftsperson who made this would react to the myriad laser-cut options available today? Details on the embroidery are available here.

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[Above, a detail from a 19th-century Kantha (embroidered quilt) as seen in Kantha: The Embroidered Quilts of Bengal, currently on view at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.]


Emile de Bruijn said...

Beautiful stream of consciousness post!

Style Court said...

Thanks Emile!

Janet said...

Holy eyelet, Style Court! Saw the Bettina cami and loved it, but really wish it had sleeves (my pale Irish skin can't take this summer sun for long!!!). Love the V&A detail.

Style Court said...

J --

Hmm...well, maybe layers in late Sept. or Oct.? Under a cardigan or jacket on a walking tour?