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Two Minute Escape

Afternoon sinking spell? Already in need of a break?

 [Image via Selvedge, issue 34.]

Take two minutes and escape back to those childhood visits to the library. (Remember listening to stories and coming home with a new book to explore?)

[Image via Video Ina.]

This site offers a quick peek into illustrator Florine Asch's book, Mes carnets de Safari.  Asch is one of the artists included in the richly-colored scrapbook,  To India with Love.

 [John Guy's book available through]

BTW: I have finally started delving into John Guy's Woven Cargoes and it's amazing. I know 'amazing' is an over-used word, but this edition truly is lavish and informative.


Robin Charlotte Humphrey said...

i love the tiny cups! I got some like that recently at an estate sale but my friend left them on top of the car and when we drove off they went a flyin'!

Style Court said...

Oh no! Too bad.

Karena said...

Good suggestions Courtney!

Art by Karena