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Reading Room

[Click to enlarge. Music represented below: The Avett Brothers and 500 Days of Summer.]

I'm looking forward to spending some quiet time this weekend plugged into my iPod in a cool spot with an iced drink, hopefully catching up on my reading and daydreaming about having one of these to hang above my 'Malula' chair.'

The book situation really is out of control. I'm attracted to far more than I could possibly tackle this summer.

That said, here's yet another special vintage find for the wishlist: a three-volume beautifully bound set from 1972, Ikat Batik Plangi, spotted at More Moe's in Berkeley, California. (With the age of the set, the price isn't exactly budget-friendly so I'm in little danger of buying it any time soon.)

For me ikat isn't a trend, it's a type of cloth I'll always be drawn to. No surprise then, I'm excited about the upcoming exhibition, Colors of the Oasis: Central Asian Ikats, scheduled to be on view at the Textile Museum October 16, 2010 through March 13, 2011.  A few years ago, collector Murad Megalli donated 148 Central Asian ikats to the Washington, D.C. museum. The assemblage of brilliantly colored men's and women's coats, women’s dresses and pants, and home furnishing ikats will all be displayed for the first time this fall.

[Coat, Central Asia, Uzbekistan. The Textile Museum. The Megalli Collection. Image via Antiques and The Arts.]

Here's a link to the museum's guide to textile terminology.

Searching for a more affordable but still comprehensive textile book? Consider Starting To Collect Antique Oriental Rugs.

Or the new small-format edition of Jennifer Harris' 1993 tome, 5,000 Years of Textiles.

BTW: I receive more email about where to buy fabric than any other topic, so for those who are curious, I purchased the Malula linen as a retail customer at Hollywood at Home. I receive no compensation or perks for mentioning the shop here, and I found the team to be incredibly warm, patient and helpful, especially considering my order was a small fry compared to the larger amounts of yardage typically purchased by designers for curtains and sofas. Thanks for all those swatches Katie!

Update 6.30.10
John Robshaw textiles now available at H@H too. 

For a large array of budget-friendly options, as always, I recommend Lewis & Sheron


GB said...

Okay, I know I'm repeating myself here, but your corner looks so inviting...Love that little side table. :D

Style Court said...

Thanks so much GB. The table is my little homage to Shangri La :)

Lisa said...

I see we were both out in the garden today bringing fresh hydrangeas indoors to enjoy. It was looking like my Endless Summer's might not have lasted the day in this heat! Your corner looks lovely. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Style Court said...

Lisa -- Oh the heat and wilting hydrangeas! We'll see...enjoy yours and have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for your sweet comment too.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Said the same thing to a client the other day that ikat may be seeing a surge in popularity but I don't think it is "trendy" for the exact same reason. Enjoy all your reading in your great spot!

Janet said...

I don't think one can ever have too many books (says one addict to another). Linen, latte and lounging...sounds perfect. Enjoy. xo

Lucindaville said...

Excellent choices in music. Both CD's were in my "Best Of" pile.

Style Court said...


Very cool.

Laura, Janet,

Have a relaxing weekend!

Ryan said...

One of my favorites--The Textile museum. Housed in a beautiful building, too.