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On the Way to a Post

 [Click here to watch a short film about artist Diana Levinson.]

Working on a blog post for next week, I started searching to see if video coverage of Michelle Levinson's 2002 wedding is available over at Martha's site. Along the way, I remembered that Michelle's mom, Diana Levinson, is a talented artist.  In fact she's an abstract expressionist and a really wonderful colorist. There's also calligraphic imagery in a lot of her work that I love. You can take a peek here and here.

 [Jackson Pollock & Lee Krasner circa 1949. Photo: Lawrence Larkin via the Pollack Krasner House and Study Center.]

Speaking of American abstraction,  I have to pause and appreciate the Lee Krasner hanging in Tom and Drew's place (Lonny, June 2010, photo by Patrick Cline).

[David Cafiero collaborated on this design.]

There's so much Lonny goodness to explore next week (congrats Atlanta Lee!) but hastily now I'm highlighting the David Cafiero project. I've never seen a Cafiero room that didn't have interesting art (even Chloe's oft-blogged patterned entry hall, published January 2007, has a sculptural bust on the console).  And of course I'm partial to the fabric on the wing chairs.

    [My bench covered in Dzhambul from Brunschwig & Fils.]

If you haven't devoured it yet, this is an issue to savor during a leisurely weekend morning.

Above, a little more refreshing summer imagery from contemporary painter Amanda Talley. Shown here is her latest, Push-Pop, an acrylic and pastel on archival paper, 20 by 26 inches, $450 unframed.  

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kiki said...

Just found your amazing blog via Lonny! Lots of amazing inspiration here, can't wait to keep exploring...

Style Court said...

Hi Kiki, welcome! Thanks for surfing over.

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

Of course you know I loved this post particularly! Have a fab day!

Style Court said...

Tina, have a great rest of the weekend!

Janet said...

Lovely to see Krasner getting some face time.

P.S. Sorry for all the comments at once...I finally have a quiet evening to catch up on blog reading, and there's just some much fabulousness over here. xo

Style Court said...

J -- Don't say sorry! I'm thrilled you stopped by!

Cote de Texas said...

seeing that peach on the walls makes me thing that would look great in your house too! don't those chairs look fabulous next to that wall color???

Style Court said...

Joni -- Great eye! You are right, I should consider it. Megan suggested that color -- or a similar one -- years ago too. You're both on target.