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Flourishing Southerner: Emily Amy

[Credit: Courtney Barnes and Scott Amy for Southern Flourish.]

Last week I mentioned energetic Oliver M. Furth and his involvement in the L.A. art and design scene; now it's time for an update on young Atlanta gallerist Emily Amy. Recently I had an opportunity to highlight Emily's contribution to Atlanta's cultural life, as part of a story in the just-launched online lifestyle magazine, Southern Flourish. (You can also read about my pick for the best sweet potato fries in the city and see how I'm using a holiday gift from textile maven Rebecca Vizard.)

Editor Kate Hash assembled a diverse group of women representing very different corners of the South, from Austin to Charleston and points in between. We were all asked to share a bit about our favorite local people and places. Always best-dressed Emily was on my short list because of her efforts to help Westside businesses and arts organizations flourish. This winter she organized The Feminine in Abstract Painting, on view through March 19, and she continues to help spearhead Westside Arts District events. Her spring 2010 exhibition will feature the work of Michael J. Abrams. See page 29 of the issue for more.

[From the spring 2010 issue of Southern Flourish.]

 [Cora Cohen, Orange Blush, 26 x 29 inches, acrylic and oil on linen.]

[Michael J. Abrams, Eventide III, 18 x 18 inches, oil on canvas.]


Gramercy Home said...

We ADORE Amy and her gallery. Amazing collection of work. Great write-up!!

little augury said...

Enjoyed the article and looking through the issue. The flower pages are gorgeous looking. Great job.

Terry said...

Bravo to Emily Amy, Providence, and DBA. The Villa "gets" me every single time.

Style Court said...

Gaye -- I thought the flower offerings were great too!

Terry -- had to mention DBA :)

GH -- Yes, Emily is terrific!

Southern Aspirations said...

Love Emily Amy and thanks for the introduction to Flourish. Love your article- the Villa stops me too!! And we've not hit DBA yet, but need to, clearly.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

I enjoyed looking through Southern Flourish and all of the writers from around the South. Your contribution was great!

annechovie said...

I always enjoy your articles and cannot wait to check out Southern Flourish, Courtney!

Shannon Morris (Georgia College Curator) said...

I love Southern Flourish. Thanks so much for sharing this resource.

The Peak of Chic said...

I love Emily and think she has such enthusiasm and energy!