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Emily's Shower

[Styling by Carolyn Quartermaine, photo by Jacques Dirand from Carolyn Quatermaine Revealed, Rizzoli, 1997.]

[Boxes from Bell'occhio.]

Emily Evans Eeerdmans, a witty and ebullient art historian who wrote the invaluable tome, Regency Redux, is newly wed and I've been invited to her virtual shower hosted by Mrs. Blandings.

[Photo via Emily Evans Eeerdmans]

[Robert M. Peacock's photo of Milk Punch from Southern Cocktails: Dixie Drinks, Party Potions & Classic Libations, Chronicle Books via G & G.]

A year ago, Emily mentioned serving champagne punch for the first time.

[Vintage sterling punch bowl available through Shelton Gallery.]

Since the shower is virtual, price doesn't really matter so I think a sterling silver punch bowl from the 40s is in order. Initially it was going to be 18th-century Chinese Export, something classic and a little Wearstler-esque (Kelly Wearstler wrote the forward to Regency Redux).

But I second-guessed myself on colors and shifted to works-with-everything silver. It's not English Regency, although it is from another era that Emily knows well -- the glamorous 1940s. A simple shape that will become magical in her hands. Will she fill it with libations, floating scoops of ice cream, or a mass of peonies? Whatever she does, I doubt it will be ordinary. Best wishes EEE!


Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

Have fun at the shower. Best wishes to the bride!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Oh, my goodness, Courtney, that is gorgeous. And peonies. Perfection.


I love the turquoise blue dishes--perfection! Fun post, thanks for sharing, Barbara

little augury said...

Beautiful. The best thing about selecting something for Emily is- I think she is eclectic enough, with a touch of the Regence to savor every gift she receives. Great choice and as always beautifully presented.

Karena said...

Lovely choices Courtney!
I would create a beautiful work of art for the newlyweds!

Janet said...

Whatever she fills it with...I want to be invited!

Emily Evans Eerdmans said...

Courtney, how did you know about my penchant for peonies??? If I had millions beyond millions, bowls and vases overflowing with peonies year round would be my extravagance. I am so touched and warmed by this virtual shower - thank you for coming! xo, EEE

Katherine Barrow said...

those dishes are delicious! with the bearded iris... perfection! does anyone know the pattern?

Nuit said...

This is lovely!

Style Court said...

I'll try to ask Carolyn about the china pattern :)

Style Court said...

Carolyn says she thinks the plates are 19th C English, "a very, very perfect turquoise with a rose or violets or a flower painted in the center." She is checking for details.