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Digital Design Files

CD labels and cases have been on my mind lately. Last month I mentioned playing around with "cover art" for homemade music compilations (better known as mixed CDs) and yesterday when I posted a picture of the pretty CD that comes included with V & A Pattern: Indian Florals, Megan helpfully suggested using some of the book's images for future homemade labels. (Just for personal use -- nothing commercial.)

["Indian Flower" in blue ©Michael Smith]

I loved her idea and began thinking about other textiles that would look terrific on a label. Soon my mind wandered to a long overdue weekend project -- transferring my thousands of tear sheets (pictures from shelter mags) onto discs. My instinct has always been to organize images by designer or by style of decor, so corresponding keep case covers and CD labels would make me smile every time I reach for one.

At noon I went to Staples and picked up a CD label-making kit.

Although I haven't had time to make the keep case cover, I did finish the label for the Michael Smith disc. Just anxious to see how "Indian Flower" from his Jasper Collection would look.

The discs I'm working on now are all for my personal design library, but this is a fun thing to make for any friend who appreciates beautiful textiles or art -- whether you want to compile a CD of music or pictures. I love the idea of doing a fresh compilation of holiday tunes to give with bourbon balls.

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Mrs. Blandings said...

Oh, Courtney, this is incredibly impressive and cannot wait to see what pattern you choose for each designer. Do keep us posted. This is a terrific project.

Style Court said...

Well, this may turn out to be like recovering a dining chair on one's own for the first time. You're so pleased with the results but tons of others have already done it :)

I did just think about possibly recording each Man Shops Globe ep and making corresponding covers for those too. Could be fun.

Glad you like the idea Patricia!

pve design said...

Oh what fun, I suddenly want my illustrations on cd's and a box of bourbon balls too. You can take a gal out of KY but you can never take the KY out of me.
I adore bourbon balls!

(were your ears burning?) you were name dropped at the NYDC, blog q and a.

Cote de Texas said...

I am so jealous of your organizational skills!! I need to borrow you for a month or two! terribly!!!

The Peak of Chic said...

Wonderful idea Courtney! I think I just might have to follow suit!

Pigtown-Design said...

Excellent idea! I love how we can all personalize things using technology merged with tradition.

Karena said...

Very cool project and with the holidays, OMG not that far into the future, a very special gift for friends.

Found said...

i can only dream of organizing my stacks of magazines and tears on cds....and to have them pattern coordinated.....oh my!

Ms. Wis./Each Little World said...

This is a brilliant idea attractively executed. But here is the clincher — does this mean that you are going to actually toss the paper clippings? I love the idea of no longer needing all those full file drawers, but I am such a print person that I picture myself doing a project like this and then keeping all the originals. Curious to know what you plan to do ...

Style Court said...

Linda, that's the big question! I don't think initially I'll be able to toss some of the older tear sheets or the ones I frequently pull out of notebooks and stick in a bag etc.

But I love the ability of the digital format to preserve the crispness of the images and to serve as "back-up." In terms of saving space, and being able to quickly access everything, I think digital will be great.

And actually, it's easier to tote around a picture on an iphone than a crumpled page stuffed in a purse. You've got me thinking!

Style Court said...

Everyone, thanks for stopping by!

The project seems to be pretty easy so far. Not as daunting as it sounds at all. It just takes time.

Karen said...

I spy Suzanne Rheinstein...loved working on that story with her. Hope you're well and your organizing project is humming along. Take care, Karen

Style Court said...

Karen -- one of my favorites that you did! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.