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Handsome and Likes Kids

It's rare for me to see a chair and not secretly fantasize about making it over, but if these twins were mine I would love them just the way they are.

The editors of Vogue's Book of Etiquette might even describe them as well-mannered and warm because the barrel-back chairs tend to put people at ease.

In fact, when they showed up in a previous post, some of you wanted to know more about them. They were found by the owner while browsing antique shops in Augusta, Georgia. She has a thing for olive green, so the time-worn leather upholstery attracted her. Not too big and not too small, the chairs also have classic style elements that have endured since the ancient era: back legs shaped like sabers and front legs reminiscent of an animal's form.

Above all, they are inviting. "Even men with long legs can sit in the chairs comfortably and the kids actually love to sit in them and read while they wait for carpool in the morning," says the owner.

In my experience leather -- and antiques -- can be very kid-friendly so I wanted to share these pictures that show the chairs in action. I also received a question about the paint color in the background. It's Benjamin Moore's "Nantucket Gray," which the homeowner says reads as green, at least in her living room.


Haven and Home said...

Cute title, love this post. Love those chairs too.

Hill Country House Girl said...

Love the chairs and the cutie pies. I used Nantucket Gray in another house I lived in and loved it - it is a greenish gray, though.

Mrs. Blandings said...

I have leather barrel back chairs in my kitchen, though not nearly as lovely as these, and they are incredibly comfortable. They are hand me downs which I accepted for their color and the fact that the barrel back makes them great for a smaller space, but everyone is so at home in them.

pve design said...

love these chairs, the arms are lovely as the inhabits who are armed and ready sitting in them!

Blushing hostess said...

I have two barrel back chairs which make me wich I could move to a very high floor or something and just pitch them out a window.


These children are beautiful!

Things That Inspire said...

This is a winning title - I came over to see how the picture related (could not imagine a connection). Very clever, and beautiful chairs!

Style Court said...

Thanks TTI :)

Karena said...

Love them and the children. I would be recovering them though! I love greens just not the olive shade.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including the wall color, Courtney! I love these glimpses of BooMama's home. Gorgeous! (Her precious children are great accessories, too!) It is so nice to see southern homes that are young and classic. Loving these posts!!!