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Dahlias and More Gallery Walls

I had hoped to start a little dahlia mania at the end of the summer (like peony mania last spring) but the flowers aren't popping up at any of the markets near me.

[Hannah Borger Overbeck, Dahlias, circa 1915, watercolor and ink on paper, LACMA collection]

The only dahlia in my house right now is the one on a pillow cover that I bought a while ago from John Robshaw.

On the gallery wall front, though, I like to think I'm making progress. Words from tastemakers inspire: Frances MacDougall once said -- if my memory is correct -- that personal art keeps a bedroom from feeling like a hotel room, and Rose Tarlow opined that a successfully pulled together bedroom is one in which you could be content if forced to camp out there for a week or two.

On one wall I hung a large Mark Starnes photograph and surrounded it with smaller pieces by Stacey Bradley, Amanda Gordon Miller, Heather Leigh Young and Kelly Robson.

This weekend I plan to spend more time looking back at the fun "Twin Tastes" house tours recently posted by Amanda Talley. In addition to Amanda's work, be on the lookout for some Buccis.

In the collage at top, the dahlia close-up is via dziobak on Flickr. The last two images in this post are courtesy Amanda Talley.

As an afterthought, I wanted to share the low hanging work of art on the right in Boomama's classic house. It is placed well below eye level, but it works because it relates to the nearby furniture and the mantle. It's not floating in space. (And, yes, you are looking at a Mad Men party in Atlanta.)


Amanda Stone Talley said...

I'm so glad you liked my post! Julie explained that she couldn't afford some works by certain artists but would ask if they had small pieces. If she had to have the larger piece--she found galleries that would let her pay in installments. Most artist's work will go up in value if they are in a gallery with good credentials --so get out the and buy it now!

JBeaudetStudios said...

I love dahlias but...I love all flowers! I just finished reading some of your old posts and found the artist's palette. As an artist myself I really enjoy seeing how other artists work. Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Your bedroom walls look fantastic!!! As a long-time reader of your blog, I love getting glimpses into your home! I would also love to see more of "Boomama's" home. In the glimpses I have seen in various posts, it is classic and charming. And I LOVE the wall color. (As well as the Mad Men party!!!).

Style Court said...

J Beaudet -- so glad you enjoyed those posts. Thanks for commenting on them.

Amanda -- I agree, learning about the full range an artist offers is really helpful. I'm a huge fan of small works anyway, just because they are so versatile. I also like to mix things that were more expensive -- pieces I saved for -- with modest finds bought simply b/c I loved them.

Style Court said...

Kat -- Thanks! Really, really appreciate it.

I'll ask Boomama about that wallcolor.

Anonymous said...

Thanks!!! You are talented, w/ such fine taste. Stylecourt is a brightspot in my day.

katiedid said...

Love your Robshaw pillow, and the Madmen party...FUN! I have a dahlia photo I will email to you this weekend.:)

Style Court said...

Katie -- thank you!

Ms. Wis./Each Little World said...

Dahlias and peonies — what perfect bookends to the summer. I love the touches of orange in your bedroom, especially that lovely pair of lamps. (Have not been commenting much, but never fail to visit).

Style Court said...

Ms. Wis,

Thanks for stopping in this morning and for noticing those lamps -- one of my all time favorite purchases.

Patrice said...

I love that pillow with dahlia flower design. It looks so gorgeous.

Style Court said...

Thanks Patrice. I've really enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and especially your posts on textiles.
The flower on your pillow looks more like a marigold- which is also a very traditional Indian flower.


Style Court said...

Thanks Rina! Maybe Robshaw meant a stylized version of a dahlia.

Mélanie said...

I love Dhalia, there is a fabric of osborne and little with dhalias. I adore that fabric , particularly there is one with colors coral and black and it looks terrific