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I just spent a happy day observing dinosaurs, science experiments and kids. Aside from the fantastic architecture of Graham and Gund, art and design weren't really the focus.

But snapping these pictures, I decided I'm content with the latest arrangement: one wall plain except for a large mirror that reflects the very densely covered wall opposite it. (I sort of have no choice but to be content as the other wall is now peppered with holes.)

Amelia Handegan used a beautiful mirror to reflect her wonderful art collection. Roo Way photographed this view for Charleston Magazine, March 2008 (sorry my image is grainy). As mentioned earlier, some of Handegan's collection is from Ann Long Fine Art and it includes Mario Robinson's work.

I think everyone remembers this one. Ruthie Sommers' design photographed by Stewart Shining for domino, April 2008.

Here's another loosely related example from Displaying Pictures, seen in a past post. Whatever the style of interior, art, or even frames, the timeless trick of using a mirror to reflect a rather complex grouping of pictures -- particularly in a small space -- works for me.

Now, back to kids, check out the second installment of Ellen's summer reading crafts. Great links are included.


Kelly Galvin Robson said...

Your lamp shades are terrific!!! I love your pictures! So pretty!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Courtney - it looks terrific - thanks for letting us see how it has evolved.

Style Court said...

Thanks so much Kelly and Patricia. I had fun with the red lampshade :)

La Maison Fou said...

Love the way you are able to inject some kid time, art, architecture and a retrospect of tweeking your own arrangements all in a days work? Sounds like the perfect day!

Anonymous said...

I love, in this order, your chandlier reflected in the mirror. the lacquered box, and the ottoman serving as a coffee table. Really spieces it up!

Belle said...

Your room is quite pretty - I like all these colors together. Soft colors intermingled with the bolder accessories, giving an overall impression of some gravitas, a sense of structure. Love the bench/ottoman fabric!

Style Court said...

Anon, Belle -- thank you! I appreciate that.

style chronicle said...

I love your wall of pictures. So chic!

Style Court said...

Thank you SC!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and feel like I learn something each time. It was fun to see your "digs". I love your style and combination of colors. It all looks fresh, colorful, and uncluttered. Would you consider sharing your wall color, and fabric on your ottoman?

I think it is wonderful that your children are growing up surrounded by art.
Kristen in Atlanta

Style Court said...

Hi Kristen, what a nice thing to say. Thanks!

The bench fabric is Dzhambul from Brunschwig & Fils. The wall color is Behr's Summer Pear with trim color Benjamin Moore's Decorator White, and sometimes I'm asked about the bedroom color -- that's Paladian Blue from Ben Moore. Oh, and the little boy is my sister's :)


Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

Courtney, your living room is gorgeous. I adore your combinations of turquoise, red and brown...I'm partial to them myself. I love the paintings on the wall, too (I need a closer look at them!) It looks like a fabulous backdrop for a party full of glamorous people and witty conversations. :)

Style Court said...

Thank you Lisa! I think we are kindred spirits when it comes to color. And lampshades :)