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For the Cozy-Chic Dorm (Attainable with Aspirational)

Kelly Robson of High Street Market has really been on a roll this month with great vintage finds, so it has been hard for me to resist sharing several of her items. The affordable chinoiserie coffee/tea cup with practical lid would be perfect for the student who wants to emulate Maximilian but isn't allowed to bring quite as much stuff to campus.

[New York Magazine photo by Dean Kaufman]

For the lucky few who can replace their standard issue dorm room furniture, the tufted leather Emeline chair from Anthropologie would be a great splurge.

Last week in Atlanta, Lulu DK Matouk showed a new collection of appliqued and embroidered decorative pillows (for sofas and chairs). I expect to see these in grown-up living rooms, but the criss cross pillow would still be a terrific touch in the fantasy dorm room. Look for them soon at a boutique near you.

(Lulu DK Matouk's Paradiso pillow is beautiful, too. Here's a link to a past post about Lulu de Kwiatkowski's take on kids and art.)

Ikat journal, John Robshaw for Anthropologie.

BTW: I wouldn't mind being back in school if I could take one of these fascinating courses taught by Craig Hanson.


Karen said...

Can't say that these would have worked in my dorm room...but then again my roommate and I had two built-in beds, 2 desks, and barely space to walk between them. I get the feeling students refuse to live like that these days!

Style Court said...

The coffee mug is the only piece that really seems realistic to me, because of space and budget. Agnes Scott has some nice spacious rooms, but there were definite rules concerning paint, moving things out etc. So while the school usually lands high on lists for pretty dorms, I'm not sure if anyone has a Max-like look going on!

La Maison Fou said...

Love that green wall with the art, and framed works!

Kelly Galvin Robson said...

Thanks, Courtney!!! I HAVE been lucky with new items this month! Love all of these pillows by the way. ;)

Thanks again!

Style Court said...

My pleasure Kelly!

Madelyn said...

OK, I am now obsessed with the Paradiso pillow. You always feature the best things!

Style Court said...

Oh thanks Madelyn. I'm obsessed with it too!