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Summer Study

Recently I received some nice emails from readers who are planning trips to Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia and hope to do a bit of gallery hopping. If you also plan to visit in person, or simply want to learn something new, Ann Long Fine Art offers a helpful online archive of in-depth articles.

Gallery artists such as Jill Hooper have been the subject of numerous features in both art periodicals and general lifestyle mags. Diving into the articles is a great way to better understand why this young painter is so passionate about classical old-school realism, and to appreciate her years of intensive training in Italy. For Charleston Magazine, September 2008, Stephanie Hunt did an interesting piece about Hooper's laborious process which includes mixing her own inks as Rembrandt and Velazquez did. (In the previous post I neglected to mention that Hooper is is the youngest living artist ever to be represented in the Gibbes' collection.)

And, yes, some of the publications geared toward collectors offer price guides for various artists' work.

Here's Tara Guerard at home, photographed by Roo Way for Charleston Magazine, March 2008; Hooper's work hangs in the background. Visit interior designer Angie Hranowsky's site for more views of the house.

Image at top: Jill Hooper working. Below are vignettes in her studio. All photographed by Tim Hussey for Charleston Magazine, September 2008.


Sidney Wagner said...

I was excited to see you feature Jill Hooper, a local artist and a friend of many of my friends. She is truely talented! Props to you for highlighting her amazing work on your blog.

Sidney Wagner

Style Court said...

Thanks Sidney! I love her work.

Alicia said...

Thanks so much. You're really adding to my Charleston time. Its going to be wonderful. Sincere gratitudes.

Style Court said...

Enjoy your trip Alicia!