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The Apartment

These cool blue porch ceilings look so inviting on a day like today. Do you recognize the Crescent Avenue apartment building in Atlanta? Our city has few remaining old structures like this, and I love any excuse to share a pretty painted porch ceiling.

This is the current home of The Literary Center, but in the 1920s author Margaret Mitchell lived here. Today the Center hosts and promotes very diverse contemporary writers including Alice Walker, Pat Conroy, Tom Wolfe, Jon Meacham, and Marilynne Robinson. Also offered are numerous writing workshops for adults and young students.

Additionally, the site serves as the midtown campus of the Atlanta History Center and it has recently been modified to offer visitors a more historically accurate experience. One change included moving a fence that previously blocked this side of the building. Next time you are in the neighborhood, stop by and explore the 21st century happenings.

For more information about upcoming events, click here or call 404.249.7015. Images courtesy Margaret Mitchell House.


Sanity Fair said...

I just visited the apartment a few months ago - . But I didn't know about the workshops! They had such spacious entertaining areas though - especially in the basement museum, so I'm not surprised. So glad that this was preserved and protected when the neighborhood changed. There are a few other charming buildings in the area, but it's mostly skyscrapers now.

Style Court said...

Sanity Fair -- also, during the holiday weekend, July 4 and 5, they are having a celebration of the transformation, free admission, family activities, croquet, education etc.

Belle said...

This building looks like it must be an oasis in the midst of downtown - quite nice.

Sanity Fair said...

Thanks for the tip! Croquet on Margaret Mitchell's front lawn sounds like THE place to be :)

The Peak of Chic said...

Just read that article in the AJC about the fence controversy! The Dump is no longer a dump!

Alicia said...

I've always dreamed of living in this building style. I miss the nooks, crannies, woodwork etc from the square boxes of today.
The blue is blissful!!!