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Find of the Day

A petite stool that could add flair to the tiniest of spaces. It's vintage and has been reupholstered in Duralee leopard print fabric. The price is easy on the eyes too -- $89. At approximately 14" x 9" x 8" high, this piece will fit most anywhere. Available through High Street Market.

I also really like the pair of carved and gilded wooden Louis XVI stools seen recently at the Social Primer shop. These are covered in Scalamandre snow leopard velvet. For details, call 310-854-1107, or stop by 644 North Robertson Boulevard, West Hollywood, California.


Ivy Lane said...

What a great find at a great price! I like a touch of leopard!

Style Court said...

Glad you like it Ivy!

kelly said...

Courtney! Thank you! I am sad to see this little stool go (it sold!), so I think I will need to make another one for me. These footstools are so classic and a little unexpected... I think that is why they never get old.

Thanks for blogging about my shop, Courtney. It makes me feel proud. :)


Style Court said...

Kelly, I love these pieces that you refurbish yourself! So inspirational. And I agree, these stools never get old. Very practical too.

Can't wait to see what you do next.

J. Cochran said...

Leopard print is so cool. I've heard it said that it goes with nothing, therefore it goes with everything.

Style Court said...

J. Cochran -- I like that line!

SP said...

Hey Courtney,
The Louis XVI carved and gilded wooden stool at the SP Shop is actually a part of a pair. They are covered in Scalamandre snow leaopard velvet. I wish I possessed a better photo to show you, but we are a bit old school around here, as you can imagine.

Style Court said...

Hey Cooper,

I'll update to make sure everyone realizes it's part of a pair, and I'll note the Scalamandre. Thanks!

Courtney Maegan said...

fabulous! it's perfect!

SIDD said...

Great find indeed. I love seeing old pieces of character being brought back to life.

Paul Pincus said...

what a great piece! ... and a steal!