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Gallery Hopping

Today I stopped by Emily Amy Gallery and got a sneak peek at last minute preparations for tomorrow night's opening of Clayton Santiago's solo show.

Many of Clayton's works reflect an affinity for the Southern landscape and a certain spirituality. Tar, oil paint and epoxy are among the mixed media he uses. When I first entered the gallery, I was struck by the rich, slick surfaces of his work. To me, the epoxy feels like a contemporary variation on the varnishes used by the Old Masters.

Lately some singles have been complaining that they can't date during the recession due to the high cost of going out. Well, gallery visits are free and rarely dull. Clayton's opening takes place at Emily Amy Gallery on Friday, February 27, from 7 - 10 p.m. Cocktails and hors d' oeuvres will be served and Clayton will be on hand to answer questions. The next day at 1 p.m., he will give a tour of his show. This talk is offered in conjunction with the first Westside Arts District Walk.

Activities will take place throughout the day on Saturday, February 28 beginning at 11 a.m. Visit Emily Amy's events page for details and links to participating galleries and sites including: the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Bobbe Gillis Gallery, Get This! Gallery, Kiang Gallery, Octane Coffee Bar, Saltworks, and Sandler Hudson Gallery.

BTW: the small works at the top on the bookshelves are by Melanie Parke


Ms. Wis./Each Little World said...

Yesterday my husband and I treated ourselves to lunch out (cheaper than dinner) and then dropped in to two favorite galleries. The owners would have talked the afternoon away; they are always sociable folk. You are right about gallery night being perfect for dates. And these folks are only too happy to spend time helping you educate your eye until the day you have the money to spend on a piece. And maybe you never will but you'll get a lot of education and enjoyment at little or no cost.

Style Court said...

Ms. Wis -- glad you feel the same way :) Thanks for sharing.

columnist said...

Clayton Santiago's work is very compelling. I recently posted a pice about framing, and referred to your own post about it. You've covered the subject very well over the last few weeks, and I've enjoyed your comments and those of others who read about it.

Style Court said...

Thanks Columnist!

Great Dame said...

Thanks to a timely reading of your post, my boyfriend and I went to the opening at Emily Amy Friday night. We live on the west side, and are excited about all the new development in the area, so it was fun to be able to support one of the galleries in the district. Clayton Santiago's work was lovely, and we equally enjoyed pieces by some of the other artists represented.

Art openings have been one of our long-standing affordable date night options - highly recommended!

Style Court said...

Oh that's wonderful Great Dame. Thanks for letting me know.