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See How They Wrap: Rebecca Vizard

Whenever I see a present wrapped by textile collector Rebecca Vizard, I want to start over and cover the gifts I'm giving with burnished gold. Like her pillows, Vizard's packages tend to be extremely refined. Antique gold tissue paired with muted ribbon seems to be her trademark.

The present above is embellished with one of her embroidered mini stockings made from a vintage suzani fragment. (Don't miss other examples of her elegant stockings in the December House Beautiful. Jennifer Dwyer, a.k.a. The Peak of Chic produced it!)

A very grown-up golden moc croc box is found beneath the tissue. In addition to her popular stockings, Vizard is making small hearts from her prettiest textile remnants.

These ethno-chic examples could be used as ornaments on a tree or during Valentine's. I know I'll be thinking of an unexpected way to use them in February. Stay tuned for details to come at To see some behind the scenes views of Rebecca's studio, click here.


Cote de Texas said...

Oh Lord! Those hearts are too pretty!!! Courtney - this month has not been fun for me. I feel so left out!!! :( - just like when I was a little girl and my best friend across the street was a Catholic with 6 kids in the family - on Christmas and Easter, it was so magical over there!!

Style Court said...

Joni -- I need to do a better job of highlighting Hanukkah ideas. You saw the great story in Southern Accents, right? And my Martha books have some beautiful ideas.

I'll get on the case!

Visual Vamp said...

So luxe and so fun!
And Joni, it's the holiday season in all its glory, so don't feel left out. I decorated many Jewish homes with Christmas trees ha ha So get busy and deck your halls with the bounty of the season. Some of these Suzani hearts nestled among some evergreens in your house would be divine!
xo xo

Karena said...

How wonderful these are the sweetest gifts. Joni, don't feel left out just celebrate your rich heritage during Hanukkah. Use some lushious blue and silver with greenery. It will be just your style.

Renee Finberg said...

i think we ALL LOVE CROC !!

wrappping presents with that CROC.

wrap my loafers, yes, in silver !

i live in boca raton,
they would wear gold and silver lamet double breasted jackets ( not me ) if they could find them at saks.


Ivy Lane said...

I love those darling little hearts! and that croc paper..GORGEOUS!!

pve design said...

Truly, a hear-felt gift, wrapped with perfection.
A lovely hand crafted gift. I do remember admiring Rebecca's Studio. What a treat for the holidays.

The Sale Rack said...

love..where can i buy the ornaments?

Style Court said...

Sale Rack --

the stockings ornaments are available now, hearts will be added.

Erin Sledd said...

Oh . . . those panels are truly splendid. And they might also be, I might add, further chinois inspiration for an artist ;-)

The chinoiserie book may just have my name on it . . . it's certainly making its way onto my wish list.
Gorgeous post. Inspiring way to start the day!

Esra said...

Those Suzani hearts look truly divine! What a wonderful way to accessorize your home by using this fabric, which is so special. Even if you´re not a fan of oriental stuff, those hearts bring extra warmth into your home I believe.