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See How They Wrap III

Photographer Gemma Ingalls often shops for unexpected gift wrap and embellishments, such as faux birds, at Pearl River and at fabric or trimming stores. With ribbon, she likes to combine colors and textures (wide with thin, matte with sparkly). And she is a big fan of seam binding.

She says, "It it super lightweight, affordable, and comes in tons of colors. I like to layer different complimetary colors -- it's a bit transparent." At Sew-Biz, seam binding costs roughly $3 for 75 yards. Gemma also enjoys using a single chandelier crystal to "fancy up a gift or a Christmas tree!" The replacement piece below is $1.50 at

Last year she made her own wrapping paper from a photograph of trees on a snowy hillside in Colorado. Non-copyrighted images can usually be blown-up onto wide sheets of paper at your neighborhood Kinko's (now called FedEx Office). Gemma requested black-and-white for graphic punch.

Muslin is another alternative to traditional paper that Gemma sometimes uses. She gathers the material at the top of the box for volume. At JoAnn fabric stores muslin costs about $1.50 per yard.


Anonymous said...

These are all great ideas. Thanks for the tips. I have yet to start the wrapping, funny it used to be my favorite part of the holidays.

I received my December issue of Garden and Gun today and thought of you, Courtney. There is an article on Julis Reed. It shows her in her library with her dog. Apparently it is her "favorite room"

Style Court said...

Hi Dana -- I haven't seen the Dec. issue yet, so I'm excited to know that Julia's library is in it. Thanks!

I hope by the end of the week everyone will find an idea that fits their lifestyle -- a wrapping idea :)

Ivy Lane said...

I love the idea of blowing up photos to make the wrapping paper! Great ideas here!