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The Smudgy Hands and Feet Test

No educational tidbits today. My computer is otherwise occupied. But since fabric seems to be the most popular subject on the minds of readers, I offer this image as testament that busy prints really do obscure minor stains from smudgy little hands and spilled crumbs. (This is not a sedate child!)

Michael Smith is known for working with stylish actress-model-moms who can afford Bennison but still want their fabric investment to last. Below, for Cindy Crawford, he designed a pair of fringed sofas and covered them in Bennison's "India Flowers."

Remember the 1930s-style Hawaiian home seen in Elle Decor a few years ago? Instead of expected seaside colors like pale blue with white, Smith and his client selected warm berry hues and Asian-inspired prints. Photography by Grey Crawford.

Below, "Lotus" from Bennison.

And while I think Tim Clarke designed the room below primarily for himself and Art Luna, it is dense with kid-friendly pattern.

For tighter budgets, I spotted this whimsical "Uzbeck" print at Lewis Sheron. It might be charming in a child's room, especially mixed with the companion stripe.

All unidentified magazine tear sheets are from past issues of Elle Decor. Dates have been lost. Click to enlarge and better see the pretty details.

On the earth-friendly front, check out this headboard covered with "Marilyn" from Rubie Green. Be sure to see all the great new photography now up on the RG site.


pve design said...

I'd be a happy camper reclining on any of these fine fabrics, companions welcome.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful selection of fabrics. Could you please list the source of the fabric in the first photo that looks like a printed suzani?
Thanks so much!

Style Court said...

Hi Anon -- thanks!

It's Dzhambul from

PVE -- always love it when you stop by!

Anonymous said...

Love the fabrics and the rugs/colors. Very rich and kid friendly is also just people friendly. White slipcovers are for people who enjoy laundering...

Style Court said...

Well said Anon. My bench has had dirty crocs on it and in general has been abused but I'm still really pleased with how it has held up.

I understand the appeal of washable white and I do have a love seat upholstered in white cotton, but it gets spotted when a 4-year old just runs through the room :)

girl meets glamour said...

I was thinking the L & S print could be pretty cute too! Great post Courntey.


Style Court said...

thanks kate!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Love the Uzbek print and this post.

Mrs. E. and I swear by oriental carpets as they hide a multitude of sins and red wine spills... the children are often neater than some of our party guests.

Style Court said...

Oh yes E & E, I feel the same way about those rugs!