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Chic is Where You Find it (Part II)

This summer we all need to find a corner in our homes or offices where we can copy Bonnie Cashin's inspirational "graffiti wall." With smart and thought-provoking quotes scribbled on graphic blocks of color, it's just genius.

Stylish Stephanie Lake, art historian and creative director of The Bonnie Cashin Foundation, is the fortunate woman who now gets to glance over daily from her desk at original Cashin graffiti doors. But the doors aren't the only Cashin artifacts that surround Lake; she also inherited Cashin's extensive collection of clothes -- supremely functional and chic pieces similar to the luscious turquoise leather coat shown top. (That coat, a gift, was once offered for sale though Sotheby's when Lake worked at the auction house.)

As an ambitious graduate student Lake interviewed Cashin and studied her work in-depth, forming a fascinating bond between the two talents. When Cashin died in 2000, she bequeathed her clothes to the young scholar. For all the intriguing details, visit the press section of The Bonnie Cashin Foundation and read Beth Hawkins' story for Macalester Today.

Just an afterthought: Bonnie Cashin had a George Nelson Marshmallow sofa in her living room; this made me smile because the High has one in its collection and it was always a popular stop on tours I gave through the galleries.

See also the online exhibition, Chic is Where You Find It at the UCLA Library.

Image at top and last picture of Cashin working on her wall are courtesy Macalester Today; images of Lake in Cashin's sweater closet, and the George Nelson sofa, are via New York Times Magazine.


SimplyGrove said...

Very fun interesting post!!!!

Style Court said...

Stephanie is such an interesting person, and of course Cashin is -- glad you liked this one :)

The Peak of Chic said...

Stephanie is one lucky person! How great for her, and for the legacy of Cashin.

Poppy said...

Learn something new every day! This is a great post! I did not know that Bonnie Cashin designed/launched COACH!!!! I have many COACH bags.. now I MUST have a vintage one by Ms. Cashin!!!

Style Court said...

Poppy, I love your enthusiasm!

Poppy said...

Currently in a bidding war on Ebay!!

Poppy said...
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Carolina Eclectic said...

Wow, the graffiti wall is great! Fantastic look :)