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Spring at Providence

At the moment Providence Antiques is brimming with seriously chic, unique finds. As always there is original art available at accessible prices, along with interesting coffee tables, vintage chairs, and outstanding mirrors.

If you plan to be in Atlanta during the next few weeks, be sure and stop in. It takes multiple spins around the shop to really take in every detail.

Afterward, stroll over to Alons or Yoforia.

Click images to enlarge and better see the details.


simply seleta said...

Thank you for my junkie Atlanta shopping fix. Really miss it. I spotted a few things I would love!

Brilliant Asylum said...

I absolutely love the chairs piped in green (velvet?). So simple and fresh. I hope to swing by soon.

Sue said...

I love the door frame mirror, the blue secretary and the.........
Is is all so lovely.

Great Dame said...

Cool, I haven't been there yet. Will have to check it out soon.