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Melissa Rufty

Since Tulane women have featured prominently this week (Jane Scott Hodges, Adrienne Casbarian), I thought I'd post a reminder to be on the lookout for another alum and New Orleans-based talent, decorator Melissa Rufty.

More than seven years ago Rufty and Hodges collaborated on a very stylish, tiny nursery with chinoiserie overtones. (I mentioned it last year.) Bold color livened up generations-old antiques, and Hodges' company Leontine Linens created an unexpected monogram for the baby's linens. Other highlights included a red bamboo chandelier and a found bamboo rocker also lacquered with gutsy red.

Photo shown top by Katherine Slingluff


Brilliant Asylum said...

I adore this chopstick monogram and want to use if for myself soon. (Unfortunately, every soft surface in my house is already monogrammed).

Bayou Contessa said...

I'm so enjoying your posts on my fellow New Orlenians this week, Courtney. You are never at a loss to find very unique talents in the New Orleans design commuity. Of course, making this more widely known is one reason I started blogging!

Style Court said...

Oh good Julie. That means a lot coming from you :)