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Reader Request: Ivanka Trump Apartment

Interior design above, Emma Jane Pilkington, as seen in House & Garden, January 2005; photo by Oberto Gili.

It seems Ivanka Trump's chic apartment was featured on Oprah yesterday. So back by popular demand are those tear sheets of her digs. I've changed the labels on my related past posts; just click on "Ivanka," below, to see previously posted images and find sources.


annechovie said...

Ivanka has great taste. Her new jewelry boutique is stunning also. Nouna over at "This Is Glamorous" did a post on it a few days ago. I like the way she and her designer mix bold colors and add such unique pieces - keeps things from looking at all generic.

kelly said...

i love ivanka's style... it is classic and young with a little bit of an unexpected edge. i can't tell you how many clients refer to images of her living room and bedroom for inspiration! i will never get sick of that red paper laquered lamp shade!