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More on Briger + Briger

The dessert plates displayed in this Briger + Briger-designed home were made in Paris by Dagoty for Marie-Antoinette's daughter, Marie-Therese.

C. Bell recently acquired the whimsical 19th-century garden chairs, shown above. The shop's owner plans to do the seats in bright apple-green terry-cloth.

All photography © Michel Zabé, Rizzoli New York, 2007. Images reprinted with permission from Rizzoli.

Recently I was treated to a sneak peek at Briger + Briger: Comfortable and Joyous Homes, City, Country and Lakeside, a soon-to-be released book from designer-collectors, Paul and Cris Briger. (Some of you may have seen the couple's 2006 homage to Dorothy Draper at Bergdorf Goodman.) My first thought is that detail oriented readers will love it.

The authors devote 240 pages to just three residences: a distinguished urban Mexico City home, a stately country house, and a lakeside retreat. Every nook and cranny -- interior and exterior -- is explored. With their extensive knowledge of decorative arts, the designers highlight special antiques and art placed in these homes, and make fascinating references to domestic life in centuries past. But their primary focus is on 21st-century comfort.

Having worked on grand projects, encompassing architecture and garden design as well as interiors, Briger + Briger have strong opinions on what truly constitutes comfortable living. Personally, I think their book would be a lovely gift for someone about to build or seriously renovate a home (or for a designer working with clients like this.)

In terms of aesthetic, the Briger + Briger look is very distinctive and hard to categorize. Like Rose Tarlow and John Saladino, the duo mix classic and modern pieces. But there is a whimsy, or eccentricity, to their work that reminds me of Lars Bolander, or even Madeleine Castaing. Take a look at the book when it hits shelves in October and tell me what you think.


The Peak of Chic said...

I'm really excited about this book! Thanks for the sneak peeks Courtney! It looks like a gorgeous book.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Can't wait to see it - getting to see it all, in depth, is such a treat.

robyn said...

What a great post, I love the garden pics and and all of the info on briger & Briger. Thanks I 'll have to check out the book.

annechovie said...

This book looks like a very inspiring read. Love the top 2 photos esp.