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Perennial Chic: Suzanne Rheinstein

Above, a wish list find: an exquisite pair of framed, hand-painted panels from an 18th-century screen, available at Hollyhock.

I haven't mentioned decorator Suzanne Rheinstein quite as often as other designers, but it goes without saying that, to me, she is a design guru. Her taste is flawless, and her sense of color amazing. If I lived in L.A., I'd always be at Rheinstein's store, Hollyhock, soaking up her genius. In the current Elle Decor, there are a few small images of her daughter Kate's oh-so-gorgeous June 2006 wedding.

Above, the Rheinstein living room dressed for different seasons. Photography Tim Street-Porter, as seen in House Beautiful (circa 2000?)

Above, the Rheinstein living room bedecked with flowers for daughter Kate's wedding. Photo by Lynne Brubaker as seen in Elle Decor, July/August 2007.


kcdesign said...

what a nice post - I was thinking when I saw the article in ED that so many of the really yummy items you see in west coast interiors seem credited to Hollyhock. The whole issue this month is fabulous, I think.

The Peak of Chic said...

Completely agree- I'm a huge fan of hers. Everything she does is gorgeous. I would love to see Hollyhock in person b/c it looks like a fantastic shop!

Cote de Texas said...

Darn! I've been to the bookstores three times a day waiting for this issue! Randy Powers from Houston got the cover for the apartment he did for his parents. When I was in LA, I lurked at Hollyhock so much that they wanted to call the police on me! Rheinstein's upholstery is unmatched. Plus she carries the full line of Robert Kime's gorgeous fabrics, something that no one in Houston does. Shame! You can see his fabrics on John Rosselli's web site. Great post = can't wait to see the wedding story. It looks like the stripe summer slipcovers are new. I've never see them before now. I WANT MY ELLE!!!!!