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Code Blue

Well, code turquoise is more to the point. Kendall Wilkinson designed this bedroom, above, for the San Francisco Decorator Showhouse. What do you think? Magical? Too intense? Fun for a showhouse?

If the complete look is too much for you, could you take inspiration from a few elelments here?

The deep glossy walls remind me of pictures I've seen of Mario Buatta's interiors in the 1980s.


Fairfax said...

Fun for a showhouse, but a bit too much blue for me... I might have toned it down by painting all of the woodwork a bright white... or a lighter blue

The Peak of Chic said...

I think that Wilkinson made the boldest move out of all the decorators for this particular showhouse. Good point about Buatta; also reminds me of Brooke de Ocampo's dining room.

kcdesign said...

Yellow is my favorite, but any shade of turquoise is a close second. This room is an inspiration as it advocates the bold choice. And isn't that the much-admired Quadrille in the orange color-way on the windows?

style court said...


As soon as I saw this, I too thought Quadrille (on the windows) but I couldn't verify for sure, so I didn't add that :)

Julie said...

This was my favorite room in the showcase (although the kitchen and eating area were a close second). It is a huge room so I did feel the blue was too much. Loved it!


PS...I think the pillows on the bed are Quadrille also.

Anonymous said...

Too eclectic. The blue with orange notes is exciting, but the bed seems weak visually. The ottoman chairs are great, but the wicker is also too informal alongside them. Good ideas, but confused.

beachbungalow8 said...

those shades simply rock my socks.and i so love the carry over of color on to the trim. this could have been done so diffrently with all of detailing.someone may have thought to paint the trim a contrasting color (black or something) but this is the way to handle it. gives it a bas relief feel. lovely

Robin said...

Interesting, but not restful.

And that's not a palette I prefer for weather that is gray 70% of the time.

Washington Cube said...

That turquoise glaze reminds me of old design magazines out of France in the 1970's. I would see that turquoise color popping up a lot. Seems like they were enamoured of it at the time.