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Attracted to the Same Things

Above, my bench was upholstered early 2006 in Brunschwig & Fils'"Dzhambul." Note the natural pink starfish on the books.

Above, Krista Ewart's bedroom, with bench covered in Brunschwig & Fils'"Dzhambul," photographed by Melanie Acevedo for Domino, June/July 2007.

Above, original incarnation of Krista Ewart's bedroom, photographed by Stephanie Diani for The New York Times.

To a few friends, my living room bench upholstered in Brunschwig & Fils'"Dzhambul," is sort of known as "Courtney's signature." (This linen-cotton print is one of my all-time favorites.) But I think from this month on, the piece will be viewed as "the Krista Ewart bench," because of the fab feature on her home in the latest Domino. The suzani-inspired print was actually featured on a pouf two years ago, in the premiere issue of the magazine, and Anne Coyle used the lush fabric on a sofa published in O at Home, spring 2005. Still, Krista's bedroom is such a stand-out; I flipped for the room when I first saw it in The New York Times-- love it even more with the "Dzhambul" bench.

Below, see the pink starfish on Ewart's coffee table.

Photograph, Melanie Acevedo for Domino, June/July 2007.

BTW: Vanessa, owner of the chic Venice, California showroom, Turquoise, was right. When my copy of Domino finally arrived, it did not disappoint! Definitely a must-see.


a. said...

Love the pink starfish!

I haven't received my copy of Domino yet!!!

The Peak of Chic said...

Perhaps you and Krista are kindred souls! I do love that Brunschwig fabric. And the pink starfish, too!

Turquoise said...

I knew you would enjoy it...the issue is right up your alley!

katiedid said...

Great issue, I agree. Courtney, I love your place! I wish for white upholstery, but with a black dog and kids, it is not to be.

style court said...

Thanks Katie!

Janet said...

So glad your Domino finally arrived! And bearing such goodness. I loved seeing your bench. Must be the month for benches...! I just finished redoing mine.

style court said...

I loved seeing your bench too :)

Anna said...

Love your room and especially the fabric on your ottoman.

style court said...

Thanks Anna!


Anonymous said...

what about the navy and wite pillow on your sofa..where can I find??

style court said...

Hi Anon,

That pillow was made-up from a small amount of Lulu Dk's "Chant" in chocolate, ( but also if you're interested Ballard Designs used to have a very similar pattern -- I think maybe in blue, and Calico Corners may have a similar fabric as well. I'll double check.


style court said...

Ballard Designs ( does have a pattern called "Ikat Blue Fabric," currently on sale for about $15 per yard. It is very similar to Lulu Dk's "Chant" but not a super dark blue -- more of a deep mid-tone.

The "Chant" pillow on my sofa is actually dark, dark, brown.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I found the Lulu Dk's "Chant" and they have one in royal blue (looking for blue). Is this fabric only available to the trade? I would love to get a bit to make a similar style pillow as yours. Do you know if it's possible?

style court said...


"Chant" is a trade fabric but there is a site I read about in the NY Times,, that sells Lulu DK to the public. I think you will be able to get whatever color you need through this decorator's online business. (note: personally I've not purchased through her before.)

Also, I did see a Calico Corners ad with a very similar pattern, and again there's the Ballard option.

Good Luck!!