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Publishing Update: Lulu

For nearly a year I've been talking about Lulu, the first book from textile designer Lulu de Kwiatkowski. It was supposed to be available this June but now it seems the release date has been moved to September. Huge disappointment. The art house publisher, Ammo Books, does have some very cool preview images on its site. (Look under "Our Books.") Expect to see de Kwiatkowski's surreal handmade collages inspired by her 1970s childhood and her worldly travels.

Below is a mix 'n' match suggestion from Lulu DK, featuring swatches of new fabrics along with some of the artist's first designs.

See also, eBay Showhouse.


The Peak of Chic said...

Darn! Now we have to wait until Fall for both Lulu's book and Ruthie Sommer's book. I now can't wait until Fall ;)

atlanta social said...

I love Lulu. I have followed her since she was an "It" Girl in Vogue