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Designing Women

Above, the facade of Chapman Radcliff Home, in L.A.

Ladies Who Launch, a site that offers information, networking opportunities and support to aspiring entrepreneurs, is brimming with sources. If you have thoughts of starting your own business, this site is a must-visit. Profiled on Ladies Who Launch are a few of my favorite designing women including, Lulu deKwiatkowski, Ruthie Sommers, and Jane Scott Hodges.

Ladies Who Launch founders, Victoria Colligan and Beth Schoenfeldt, have also written a helpful book, Ladies Who Launch: Embracing Entrepreneurship & Creativity as a Lifestyle.

BTW: I truly was planning to share the link to Ruthie's profile before I noticed the kind mention of Style Court and The Peak of Chic at the end. It's a good candid interview.


katiedid said...

I looked at their site. Some great info there, esp. for someone who is going to be launching soon myself!

The Peak of Chic said...

I thought that interview was very insightful. I esp. liked the part where she said not to overthink things, but to go ahead and do them. SO true!

Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club said...

Oh I'll have to check the book out. I already recieve their newsletter.