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Adventurous Spirit: Dianne Cash

All photography above, Tria Giovan for Southern Accents, July-August 2006

Somewhere along the line, the word granny became a pejorative synonymous with dowdy. But some of the most elegant women are grandmothers. Women like globe-trotting Dianne Cash -- grandmother of eight whose incredibly chic Dallas home was featured last summer in Southern Accents, -- know who they are, have seen trends come and go, and often have acquired an amazing trove with which to decorate. I loved seeing the warm and glamorous home Cash created using finds from decades of travel to destinations including Bali, India, Morocco, Italy and China.

A "...modern-day Scheherazade, weaving tales of distant and exotic lands through the artful design of her house." is how Jill Kirchner Simpson described Cash. (Click images to enlarge.)

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Fairfax said...

i love those roses!

The Peak of Chic said...

I remember this article. She has quite an eye for color and pattern.