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Still Seeing Red

Above, Grey Crawford's photograph of Schuyler Samperton's living room with red lacquered chairs, as seen in Elle Decor, November 2003.

One of my first posts last spring was about a pair of red lacquered chairs in designer Schuyler Samperton's living room. Since then, my weakness for painted red furniture has been obvious with all the glossy examples popping-up here. So, at the risk of being too predictable, I have to add to the mix Anthropologie's new red chinoiserie bed and dahlia needlepoint ottoman, both below.


suzannemarques said...

that red bed is ridiculous - as in i'm craving it like crazy!! fresh like an apple. i want to take a bite right out of it!

style411 said...

the red chairs can be found at gumps for $300!

LauraB said...

i just discovered my passion for red furniture, started a new blog, and found your blog...all in the same week! i'm adding style court to my blog envy list :)

style court said...

Thanks Laura! I'll have to come visit.