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A Little Christmas Bonus: Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald's site is up and running. It looks beautiful. Be sure to check-out her exquisite bedrooms. The master bedroom shown above was designed by McDonald in 2003 for House Beautiful's showhouse benefiting Children's Action Network.


Anna said...

Oh my God, that is so, so, so beautiful. I love it.


pinkmohair said...

Thanks, SC, this is a great link. I didn't realize it was MM who had done that great filing cabinet in Domino a while back. I was trying to figure out a pattern to print out today so i could do the same to mine. I was thinking Russian nesting dolls. Maybe I'll put it out there on my blog and see what people come up with. Have a great holiday.

Wes said...

Thanks again Courtney for another great find. I love looking at all the things you find. Happy Holiday's

style court said...

Wes, Happy Holidays to You!

Haute Thoughts said... is up, too. Yum.

Haute Thoughts said... is up, too.


Haute Thoughts said...

This is finally up, too.

shoshana said...

I tried to wallpaper my filing cabinet--let's just say it did not work. I cannot believe this blog--it is exactly my taste--Kate Spade, Kelly Wearstler, Jonathan Adler et al. are my heroes!

style court said...

Hi Shoshana,
Thanks for your comments. I've often wondered how many people tried that filing cabinet project :)

Anonymous said...

I think I was most impressed by Mary McDonald's work on the Luxe Hotel. It's in her portfolio on her site, go check it out.

Mary McDonald said...

O.K. guys I see you need some instruction on the filing cabinet thing. First of all you must get an exact size of your filing cabinet and go to kinkos on the oversize machine. It is best to flirt with someone to help you before you make 75 copies the wrong size! Start with an image similar in ratio- long and thin then you can cut the weird edges off. If you just cannot bee art school neaat about it make another different trim for the border to frame it. Use mounting spray, exacto knives nd then laquer it. You can use decoupage supplies too-very self explanatorwith directions. Try again!

Mary McDonald

style court said...

Thanks so much for the advice!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Do you have know where I can find those fabulous white throw pillows on that couch!! I adore them.


Style Court said...

Hi Meg!

I think they were custom made for the project. Probably simple white fabric with trim applied by a seamstress. If I see similar ones I'll let you know :)