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Holiday Trad

My grandmother enjoyed collecting Estee Lauder compacts -- those intricate tiny boxes that are offered in new designs each year and hold solid perfume. (The golden wreath compact shown above is a 2006 edition.) Although my personal wish list doesn't include gifts of cosmetics, I'm always intrigued to see which colors and patterns Estee Lauder chooses for holiday packaging from year to year. This year's lovely images with Gwyneth make me want to return to the Christmas classics: fresh holly and a bit of red plaid. I especially like the red, pink and gold plaid used on Lauder's gift boxes this year.

If you like using traditional red for the holidays, French General has all sorts of vintage notions and papers for wrapping packages or making ornaments, as seen below.

For more cheerful reds or the berries motif, Broadway Paper also has a fun selection of ribbon and gift wrap, as seen below.

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Sara said...

The Gwynie image is gorgeous. So classic.
Regardless of Estee Lauder's holiday sales, they've done a wonderful job of positioning their brand through the beautiful packaging and ads.