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Design Connections

On Friday I mentioned that a friendly anonymous reader recently led me to a host of pictures of Miles Redd's well-known pink and red room. It is such a striking room with many memorable colors and textures, so naturally it was fun to see images not shown in magazines before. Later when I browsed a few of the latest offerings from Kate Spade, including the leather frame and the hobo bag above, I couldn't help but make some connections.


jen said...

LOVE his work - thank you for the introduction - any idea if we can expect a book from him?

style court said...

Great question about a book. As far as I know, not yet, but I just ordered a color theory book that is supposed to feature Redd. I'll let you know what it's like when it arrives.

Washington Cube said...

I absolutely love his work. Please do let your readers know if a book is forthcoming.