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Upholstery: A Wild Hair

There's a bubbly party girl out there who is going to snap this antique Louis XV-style sofa right up.

It is another French antique available through Downtown. The front of the sofa is unexpectedly upholstered in blue pony skin, making it a to-die-for piece for one person and perhaps a turn-off for someone else. What I'm drawn to is the contrasting stripe, placed horizontally across the back. I love the way the colors in the stripe work with the solid blue, as well as the original gilt finish.

For students trying to keep the various Louis periods straight, here's a little footnote: The sofa above is a true antique because it was made in the 19th-century, but technically it would be called a Louis XV style piece since original Louis XV furniture was created in the mid-18th-century.


Anonymous said...

Your taste strikes a chord! Loads of inspiration, just scrolling through the pictures is enough to make me swoon. I have no background in art or design, but I get more educated and inspired with each day I visit. Thanks so much!

style court said...

Anonymous, many thanks for your kind comments!